In this essay, I shall give you advices related to solving difficult problems in present job. If you would like to request your Manager to increase salary through resigning the present job, is it right or not ?, with Manager’s appreciating to you.

Should resign to request increase salary

Will increase salary but promoting opportunity will be completely lost.

If you were Manager, would you like to promote to one person who left your company ? In the best situation, company accepts to increase salary for keeping your position; however, your faithfulness and trust will be down to bottom in their view. Thus, in opportunity to promoting career, Manager Levels will automatically remove you from the considered-listing.

To increase salary, you had canceled good future career in yourself, is it worthy or not ?

You think your position is important, so, you use resigning way to make pressure increasing salary. Do you think whether Human Resource Department dared to promote you in higher level, and more important in then, you also wanted to take a leave one time ?

Only when being not confident, you take leave to be increased salary.

In recent years, many companies used KPI indicator to appreciate employees’ ability. If you are confident of yourself talent, why do you frankly discuss this request to your Manager ?

Still know that increase salary requesting is quite delicate requirement, however, if you contribute all efforts up to determined high level (maybe excellent ability, high efficiency, exceeded over sales target or working for long time is one of contribution kinds,…), increasing salary request is certainly accepted. And you have no any reason to use this worst way.

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Resigning is fake but resigning acceptation is real

Resigning to request increase salary is also toward to Manager’s mentality.

If your Manager usually makes decisions based feeling, it may be successful. However, this way will create Domino effect to make other members at company to imitate, it will be to unsatisfied annoying. Thus, if being good Manager, “Kill the chicken to see the monkey” action must be done. It is better to sacrifice one person to stabilize company’s operating than to leave trouble for yourself.

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