1. In urgent cases, let you say slowly and humbly:

When facing to urgent cases, you should be calm down to think more; then, clearly say all everything slowly, humbly. It will make listener not be annoyed and show that you are a calm person, thereby increasing their level of trust for you.

  1. For small things, say it with fun, humor:

For small things, special in goodwill reminder, say in fun, humor. It will make listener not be annoyed. They don’t only feel comfortable to accept your reminds but increase intimacy much more for both also.

  1. Be careful when saying unknown-things:

For unknown-things, you should say about it carefully and strictly, so, everyone will increase their level of trust for you. If you said about it arbitrarily, you would be lost trust of them for you.

  1. Be careful when saying others’ things:

There should be a limit between people, you shouldn’t easily comment, evaluate and be talkative others’ things. If not, in the eyes of people, you are as “gossip” and “say lack of base”.

  1. Do not talk indiscriminately about things that have not happened yet:

The most hated people are those who “spontaneously”, if you speculate or say indiscriminately about things that have not happened or are not true will make others do not trust you and do not want to contact you.

  1. Do not say things that hurt others:

Don’t easily use words to hurt other people, especially those close to us.

Antediluvians have said that: “Courtesy costs nothing, but buys everything”. Of course, “choosing” hereby doesn’t force you to say “smart, fake”. That’s mean you should consider which words should be said, which words shouldn’t be said, do not “rub salt” into others. It is the best to “Words must be weighed, not counted”.

  1. Don’t arbitrarily promise what you are unable to do:

Don’t easily promise what you are unable to do. If not, everybody will know that you are in kind “Says but can’t do” and they will lose faith in you. Contrarily, if you only promise which things you certainly do, everybody will understand that you are in kind “Says is to do”, and put faith in you.

  1. For grief, don’t meet anyone to be said:

When we are broken-heart, we always want to share it, but if you meet someone you also say it, that will put people under psychological pressure, then skeptical and alienated you. At the same time, if you continue doing so, you will be able to make them feel that you are one person who doesn’t know how to think to others, to convey grief to them.

  1. Listen much more to what others say about you:

Listen much more others’ ideas saying about you. Firstly, you can make good impression of being modest; secondly, they feel you are one understanding person. And “listening” is always a good thing for all of us, helping each other to complete themselves and be more successful in life.

  1. For things of Antediluvians, listening much more than saying:

The old usually don’t like the young opining much more about their things. If say too much, they feel you aren’t respectful to them and not modest to study. Therefore, carefully consider communication with the old. “Seniors priores”.

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